Without these organizations, the campaign for a Balanced
Budget Amendment wouldn’t be possible.

NFIB – The National Federation of Independent Business is the nation’s largest small business lobby. An internal poll of over 300,000 members found that nearly 90% of its membership favors a balanced budget amendment. The NFIB has been key to passage in every state since 2013, with top-flight lobbyists in each state.


ALEC – The American Legislative Exchange Council is the nation’s premiere association of Republican state legislators. Members gather at yearly meetings to exchange ideas, consider new legislative initiatives and learn from the experts. ALEC has been instrumental in providing us a forum within which to present our campaign, recruit sponsors, and approve model legislation that legislators can be confident in.


Heartland Institute – A conservative public policy organization located in Chicago which is recognized and admired by citizens and legislators alike across America. The Heartland Institute has put the full weight of its influence behind the BBA Task Force as well as other campaigns in order to encourage the states to use their power to amend the U.S. Constitution.