A historical account of the campaign for a Balanced Budget
Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

It all started on May 8th, 1957 when Indiana passed the first Article V application calling for a convention to propose a balanced budget amendment. It wasn’t until the mid-1970s however that the campaign really got started when the National Taxpayers Union and the National Tax Limitation Committee joined the effort.
With Ronald Reagan as its greatest national proponent, the campaign reached its zenith in 1983 when Missouri became the 32nd state pass an application. The campaign moved on to Ohio and Michigan where it failed due to the scheming of Liberal Speaker of the U.S. House, Tip O’Neil, who organized leftist groups to sabotage it by spreading the runaway-convention myth.
Ronald Reagan continued to publicly support the campaign, even mentioning it during his 1984 State of the Union address. Unfortunately, the run-away convention myth had spooked the rest of the states away from the campaign. When Reagan laid down the mantle in 1989, the campaign stood at 32 states.
That’s when the tin-foil hat crowd at the John Birch Society (JBS) took up the attack for the far-left as the main purveyors of the run-away convention myth. From 1988 to 2010, they duped 16 states into rescinding their applications, leaving only 16 of the original 32 intact.
In 2010, the BBA Task Force picked up where Reagan left off, reversing 11 of the JBS rescissions with new applications in Alabama (2011), New Hampshire (2012), Ohio (2013), Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Michigan & Louisiana (2014), & South Dakota, North Dakota and Utah (2015).
Heading into 2016, we have 27 of the 34 state applications required to call an Article V Convention to propose a balanced budget amendment! With your help we can attain the final 7 necessary to reach 34 by July 4th, 2016!  Watch the video below for a cutting edge look at the state campaign for a balanced budget amendment!

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